I am celebrating (mostly to myself) 7 months on hormones today. Female hormones, that is. Estrogen and Progesterone. I also take an androgen (Testosterone) blocker.

This little cocktail has done some pretty wondrous things for me physically, mentally and emotionally. I have grown small but beautiful breasts, my skin is softer than ever before but needs to be moisturized frequently, it has calmed my angst over my gender and it has me crying at the drop of a hat!

Along with the hormones, I have been growing my hair for over a year and it has been cut in a feminine style. I wear make-up almost daily and tend to dress feminine but not over the top girly, preferring skirts to jeans and a pretty top.

I have not been called “Sir” in a couple of months now and feel quite confident and at-ease when out in public.

Today, I got up, went for a 3 mile run and cleaned out the garage before showering, washing my hair, doing my make-up and putting on a white cotton and lace maxi skirt, a dark blue collared shirt, turquoise dangly earrings and matching bracelets. Just for me. No plans to go out. Just lounging, but looking pretty good, I thought.

Around 2:30pm, or so, came a knock on the door. We get very few visitors; as a matter of fact this would be our first. Katie was still out running errands so I answered the door and it was a 15-year-old boy. Short dirty blonde (color – not dirty hair) hair 140 pounds soaking wet but quite a smooth talker. He was selling magazine subscriptions in the hot Texas sun.

He greeted me with: “Hi, are you the lady of the house?” (The kid scored brownie points there…keep talking; you might just make your quota) He told me he was working on some kind of career project for school and he earns a certain number of points for particular magazines and just for talking to people. He handed me a sweat soaked brochure showing the various magazines and then he kind of paused mid-stream, looked up at me and asked:

“Hey, are you…what I think you are?”

Yeah kid, I am. Thanks for stopping by. Suddenly, I’m no longer in the magazine buying mood.

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