Dear Santa,

I know this is a busy time of year for you so I wanted to give you plenty of time to work on my wish list. I’d like to think I’ve been a good girl this year.

Here are my wishes:

This has been an especially difficult year for my ex-wife. Devastating would be an understatement. She lost her husband when he transitioned to female, her house when she moved to be alone and every scrap of security she once knew. Santa, if you can provide her with the comfort, safety and affection I once did, I would be so grateful. She doesn’t deserve to suffer because I am now living an authentic life. She had dreams for the future that were dashed. Please help her new dreams to come true.

Santa, many of my dreams have become reality. I have dreamed since I was little to live my life as a woman and now I am. It’s difficult, harder than I ever imagined but oh so worth it. Please bring me a fresh supply of Grace, as I seem to need a lot of it these days.

Santa, I wanted to thank you for the gift of time. It was so unexpected but I really needed it. You arranged for me to be able to transition fully to the life I now live without unfairly interfering with my work. But I am ready now to go back and accept a job that will challenge me and permit me to contribute creatively in ways like never before while providing security for my day to day living and future needs.

It seems vanity has finally appeared on the list. Santa, I have never been a fan of hospitals, but there are a couple of things I really need.

If you could bring me a sporty new vagina, it would make my day. Not too big, not too small…just right. I have made do without one but the time has come to complete my picture. Not for anyone else, this is for me. To see in the mirror what I feel inside would be a miracle to me. To have my clothing fit properly, comfortably and confidently would be so nice. To wear a bathing suit without being self-conscious would be a joy. Yes, to be able to be intimate as a woman would be the icing on the cake. It’s a big deal to me. I promise to take good care of it!

What girl doesn’t want to look younger? (OK some, but this girl does) Or more feminine? (Me for sure) I would love to have a stocking full of facial surgery to correct a few things and feminize my face, move my hairline a bit and even smooth out some of my “experience lines.” Yes, this is vanity, but also to help make my life a little easier as I navigate my world. Instead of people reading male features in my face combined with my female presentation and wondering “am I talking with a man or a woman?”  They could instead focus on what I am saying. With a career in media, this can also make it much easier to find work.

Last, but certainly not least I ask for understanding and acceptance. Not just for me but for all of my gender variant brothers and sisters. I know many of them and each has a light that shines if only people will look.

So there you have it Santa. Any one of these wonderful things would bring me more joy than I can describe. Feel free to mix & match. I believe in you. I believe in miracles because I’m living one every single day.

Thank you!



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