If there is a primer with an FAQ section on “How To Transition Your Gender” (In my case, from Male to Female) I haven’t come across it.

Sure, there are tons of books on the subject now and more being written every day. Most are experiential, written from the viewpoint of the author or a family member. I’ve read many of them and found value and comfort in each.

Still, every girl’s journey is different. Lots of things are common while others are unique to you. I come across things nearly every day that make me smile and say; “Well, nobody ever told me about THAT!” So, here are my candid observations of a few things that nobody told me about or that just never crossed my mind when I transitioned. 

  1. A sneaky side effect of Spironolactone (T-Blocker) is that when you think you are done peeing…you are NOT done peeing. Be careful.
  2. Estrogen will make your fingernails thinner and more likely to break. Great, just when you can finally grow them, it’s harder to.
  3. Getting acrylic nails is a great option – at the expense of being able to pick up change or a credit card from a flat surface and a near inability to button a shirt.
  4. Your car keys will always disappear into the bottom of your purse.
  5. When you sit to pee, the hem of your skirt WILL fall into the toilet. This will likely happen only once.
  6. If you have long nails, you will put your thumbnail right through a brand new pair of pantyhose as you are pulling them on.
  7. Keep a journal. You will thank yourself later.
  8. Take a picture of yourself every month and make a slide show. You will treasure this.
  9. You will sometimes cry for no reason – you won’t be sad.
  10. It’s going to take you 3 times longer to get ready in the morning.
  11. Once you are on Estrogen, good luck losing weight! It’s a bear.
  12. At first, walking around with no wallet or keys or anything in your pockets is un-nerving. You’ll get used to it.
  13. You won’t need to shower every day. You can, you just won’t need to. Your smell – body smell – will change on hormones. Guys smell musky. Girls smell…nice. It’s the hormones.
  14. Your brain will change. I drop stuff I never used to drop. I forget things halfway down a flight of stairs and have to run back up. Driving is different – just different. I completely lost the male “competitive” drive and never get angry anymore. 
  15. Kiss morning “wood” goodbye.
  16. You will see a million pair of super cute shoes. None of these shoes will come in your size.
  17. To really look good, most of your clothes will have to be altered. Unless you buy separates. I am a size 8 or 10 skirt. I’m a size 12 or 14 blouse because of my shoulders. A dress that fits my waist doesn’t fit my shoulders. A dress that fits my shoulders is baggy around my middle.
  18. When you first are able to wear women’s clothes, you will rush home to put on a bra – after you transition, you will rush home to take it off.
  19. You will want to wear heels. Go ahead. Bring a pair of flats with you. You’re welcome.
  20. Learn how to stand. You look like a truck driver.

After completing this list I’ve thought of a lot more – stay tuned!

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  1. Jessica Hightower says:

    Great points! 🙂

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