Recently, I posted “20 things nobody tells you when you transition” The list was well received and more poured in. Clearly the original 20 are only the tip of the gender iceberg.

You want 20 more?

1. Your fingernails are not tools

2.Buy a lint brush.

3. When you think you are getting pretty good at applying mascara you will immediately jam the wand painfully into your eye.

4. Be careful shaving your face. Until you get laser or electrolysis, you will need to shave super close. But if you cut yourself it’s hard to hide a bleeding face and that will “out you” like few other things.

5. Buy another lint brush to keep in the car

6. When it comes to make-up, a little goes a long way. Your mindset will be to try and cover up the boy – instead, let the girl out. (By the way, you have lipstick on your teeth)

7. If you are a cat person buy several spare lint brushes

8. When you are eating, remember to take smaller bites

9. After you are done getting ready, take one last look. You are probably wearing one or two too many necklaces or bracelets.

10. Hormones will not change your voice – only you can do that. It’s hard, but it can be done.

11. Carry breath mints in your purse. Just do it.

12. Guy haircut: $18 at Supercuts. Done in 20 minutes.

13. Cut & color in a salon: Plan on 2 ½ hours and spending over $200 with tip.

14. Oh, don’t forget the Angel Wash shampoo for $38. And the conditioner…also $38.

15. You will make clothing decisions based upon whether your legs are freshly shaved or not.

16. Your true friends are those who will still have lunch with you in public after you transition. Treasure them.

17. Get pedicures. You will enjoy them, the girls in the salon do a much better job painting your toes than you do – and besides, your feet look skeezy.

18. There are 22 things on my bathroom counter that I use every day. That is not excessive. Most men can’t identify more than one or two. The cheapest one was $18.

19. You are going to need to re-learn how to blow your nose with make-up on. (bet nobody told you about that!)

20. If you are alone – make that guttural throat clearing sound: AaaaHemmm! Feel better? Good. NEVER make that sound in the women’s room when you are in the stall – you may cause a stampede.

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  1. Colleen says:

    Also: Good luck finding a doctor who knows how to do a prostate exam on a woman (it’s different). Or is willing to do an internal exam if you need one.

  2. Chris says:

    So how do you blow your nose with makeup on?

    • I suppose everyone has their own technique, but mine is to fold the Kleenex into a rectangle so it doesn’t get into my lipstick, then blow gently. The idea being not to remove the foundation in the process. Having a pressed powder compact handy helps just in case.

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