I travelled by car to my daughter’s home in Atlanta to spend Thanksgiving with her family.  It was a delightful 5-day visit. When I arrived on Wednesday afternoon they must have thought I was moving in with them! I had packed 3 small carry-on size bags, a couple of zippered bags and enough clothes on hangers to start a small boutique.

I KNEW I had forgotten something.

Shoes? I think I brought 6 or 7 pair. I don’t remember. All I knew is that I felt naked, like I left everything behind.

Of course I brought my computer, a tablet and my phone.

At this point I want to apologize to my ex wife for giving her so much crap when we would pack for a trip. I would always kid her about the amount of clothes she was bringing…many of which wouldn’t actually see any action on the trip. They would just be brought back and unpacked.

As a guy it was all so easy. Is it hot? 4 pairs of shorts a couple pair of underwear, some socks, a couple of golf shirts, a couple of Tommy Bahama shirts and one nice pair of slacks, in case we went someplace nice. It all fit in a gym bag. How could my wife need two large suitcases and a carry on bag and so much more for the same trip?

Why would someone need a curling iron and a straightening iron?

Now, as a woman, I understand. What I still don’t know is how she packed so damn economically?I leave for Phoenix in a couple of days and I’m already laying out outfits! I’m a wreck! Again, it’s not a long trip, but that’s not the point!

What if it’s 80 degrees? Sundress, sandals, shorts, light skirts and a couple of pair of jeans? Shoes to go with each.

What if it’s cold? Well cold for Phoenix…I can bring my sweater dress and a couple of knee length warmer dresses with cardigans. I have a coat just in case and a jean jacket that’s cute and a little warm. I have a pretty fur trimmed long sweater (better bring that). As for tops, I think 40 will do. I have several longer skirts and jeans will work too. Plus shoes for each…and boots!

As I alluded to earlier, I would just toss a few things in a gym bag and be done. I could pack for a week long vacation while I warmed up the car!

Now I need bras, panties, tights, leggings, shorts, skirts, jeans, dresses, camisoles, t-shirts, sweaters, tops, jackets (warm ones and cute ones) cute things to sleep in, lounge wear, bath robe, hair care products, blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron, toothbrush, moisturizer, body lotion, eye cream, my make-up kit, cologne, brushes, spare purse or 2, accessories like earrings, bracelets, necklaces and cute scarves. Then there are the shoes!


…this is just the beginning! I just hope I can fit it all into the car!

I know I’ve forgotten something…I always do.

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