I’m not a fan of Duck Dynasty, I’ve never even seen that show, not once. It never drew me in. So before this week, I’ve never cared one bit about what Phil did or didn’t say. His life and mine didn’t intersect. He had no impact on my life and I had none on his, just the way I like it. For all I know, he could be nice as pie, unless you’re a duck I guess.

That all changed this week.

What Phil said wasn’t aimed at the trans* community, but as the T in LGBT, if you attack one of us, you have attacked all of us.

Please understand that I value free speech. I value Phil’s right to speak his mind as much as I hope he values mine. Free speech is a 2 way street. This isn’t about free speech.

One reason what Phil had to say mattered is the number of people who listen to what he has to say. He appears to be an opinion leader, although I don’t know why. But this is America and that sort of thing is becoming more and more common. To see millions support his words of, if not hate, then certainly bigotry is unsettling to me and others in the LGBT community.

Look, you are free to believe whatever you want. You don’t even have to base those beliefs on logic. You can toss a coin if you want. That is your freedom, but when your belief keeps me from being able to find work, I have to be honest with you, I have a problem with that.

I imagine Phil was quoting the Bible, which I have many problems with, if the verses, especially Old Testament, are taken literally. Does Phil pick and choose what part of the Bible he is going to obey? Or is the entire Bible his blueprint for living a good life? If so, is he OK with selling his daughter into slavery? Is he in favor of stoning to death brides who are not virgins on their wedding day? Should people who work on the Sabbath be killed Phil? How do you feel about interracial marriage Phil? The Bible is pretty clear on that too.

All of that is in your bible too…and more. I would imagine anyone espousing those draconian beliefs would be quickly distanced by any sensible employer, (especially one who is open on the Sabbath!)

Phil’s comments matter because so many people read Esquire and watch his show and buy his merchandise and parrot his words, just look at the Internet the last few days!!

Phil’s comments matter because comparing us to thieves or bestiality is wrong. We are not all thieves and nobody I know of is in to animals. Maybe some in the LGBT have taken something that wasn’t theirs, but I’m sure there are some redneck bigot duck hunters that are also bad eggs. I don’t want to paint ya’ll with the same camo pattern. But when you paint everyone in a particular minority as being the same and worthy of contempt you are hurting people. You are hurting families. You are helping keep stereotypes alive.

Unlike many, I don’t claim to be God’s spokesperson, but if I had to guess, the God I love isn’t a bigot…He loves all of His children and would turn His back on none. My guess is that He also takes a dim view of using His book to hurt people.

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  1. Michele Houck says:

    Very well said Leslie.

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