Lately, I’ve been playing around with creating a Podcast. I’m a total noob – so please don’t expect too much. Although I spent many years in radio, I always relied on people more talented than I in the technical arena to make me sound good. In addition, the one thing I could always count on – MY voice is now a liability that I am working hard to change. So bear with me! This particular episode is an expanded version of the story of where my name (Leslie) came about. It will be 6 months on March 20th since it was legally changed. I still pull out my drivers license and look at it – or my birth certificate. It’s still a big deal to me.

Podcast link:  http://www.buzzsprout.com/admin/episodes/158651-what-s-in-a-name-lots


(Me above with me new court order)

I’m working on some other ideas for a new blog post soon.

Love to all!


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