Not About Protecting Children – Here’s Proof:

The now tired argument from Republican members of various state legislators, right wing Christian nut jobs and internet trolls is that Transgender women should be banned from using the ladies room – to protect women, and children.

The hypocrisy if this claim is so easily exposed, a child could do it. As a matter of fact, one did.

Speaking to legislators in South Carolina, 17-year-old Dex Sexton, who is transgender, asked why men who are known to have molested young boys are allowed to continue using the men’s bathroom but a transgender man would not be allowed under the proposed law.

As you might imagine, Dex is still waiting for an answer.

I’ll take the liberty of providing one here: “Because, Dex, it’s never been about protecting women or children or anyone else. It’s simply about oppressing a group of people that don’t have money or voting clout and that are different. People they don’t understand. In the interest of full disclosure, they are still feeling the sting of Obergefell and since they lost on marriage equality, they are going to take it out on you. I hope that answers your question.”

The truth is, if these legislators really were concerned about the wellbeing of women and children – it would seem to me it would make sense to examine things that are harming them now.

According to ABC News, in 2009 a whopping 7,391 children under the age of 20 were hospitalized as a result of gunshot wounds. Interesting, most all of the Republicans who voted in favor of HB2 also voted against tighter restrictions on handguns.

The rationale often given for voting against strengthening gun laws is that criminals don’t obey laws – you are just punishing honest people.

OK, so why doesn’t the same apply to these draconian and mean spirited bathroom laws? You are punishing a group of people who has NEVER harmed a woman or child in a bathroom when the fact remains that there are already laws on the books in every state that forbid bathroom misconduct. Which is it? See the hypocrisy?

According to the American Bar Association, an estimated 1.3 Million women are assaulted every year by their domestic partner. What are you doing to protect them? They sure as hell aren’t being bothered by Trans women trying to pee. Matter of fact, Trans women have a lot in common with them, we are also assaulted at an alarming rate.

No less an authority than the Vatican admits that 3,400 children were molested by Catholic Priests. The number of children molested in bathrooms by Trans Women still stands at zero. Nada.

So…are there over 100 pieces of active legislation seeking to bar priests or convicted child molesters from public bathrooms?

Nope. Not a single one that I’m aware of.

Yet there are over 100 bigoted, hate-inspired bills making their way through various state legislatures that seek to make it difficult, dangerous or impossible for Transgender people to leave their homes for more than a couple of hours because using a public restroom while away from home will either pose a severe safety threat or will be just plain illegal.

If someone is so concerned about the health and welfare of children, wouldn’t you think they would act in a way that supports this claim? After all, actions speak louder than any placard or slick 30 second ad – no matter how misleading and untruthful.

This isn’t about men in the women’s room. That really just doesn’t happen. It’s not about protecting anyone. It’s pure bigotry and hate wrapped up in snazzy slogans, but it’s a new day. We are seeing through the charade and the price of hatred is going up.

As one North Carolina legislator said: “We are hemorrhaging jobs.” Yes you are, and you are chasing business, tourists and employers away from your state. Entertainers are cancelling shows and conventions are heading to more welcoming environments.

Now the stupid is turned up a notch – Tracy Murphree, the GOP candidate for Denton County sheriff, posted on Facebook that he’d beat the hell out of a transgender person who tried to piss in a bathroom where Murphree’s daughter was peeing. Yes, and if you do, you will go to jail where you belong. Where does this silliness end?

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