If Dogs Could Talk

This past fall, my partner, Katie, fulfilled a promise she made a couple of years ago when we lived in a townhouse. She said, one day, we are going to have a house together – with a yard, and we are going to get you a Border Collie.

She knows I love the breed…I love all dogs, but Border Collies are special to me. Breezy is the 3rd Border Collie who has stolen my heart. He is 100% adorable, smart as a whip and wants nothing more than to be with you every minute. Sometimes that can be, if not annoying – kind of crowded.

This morning as he woke me at 6:30am as he always does by standing on his hind legs and putting his front paws on the bed next to me and then nuzzling my hand, I had a thought and it brought me to the verge of tears.

Breezy is young – he’s one year old today, yet he’s full grown. 38 pounds of love and energy. Young yes, but that’s 7% of his expected life span.

So as his paws perched on the edge of my bed sniffing my hand this morning, I thought about what he might be saying besides “Mom, please let me out, I gotta go pee.”

If Breezy was aware of his own mortality (like we are) I thought he might be saying:

“Moms, I love you so much! Thank you for giving me such a nice place to live with my own bed and kitties to play with. Thank you for bringing me toys home for me to chew on and play with! I love playing Frisbee with you and it makes me want to jump even higher when you cheer my catches.

You might wonder why I follow you everywhere you go…even when you go to the bathroom…it’s because for me, time is so precious. I don’t have long to live. 14 years goes by in a flash and I don’t want to miss one second that I could be spending with you…loving you, getting petted on, groomed or just sitting near wherever you are.

You are my world.

Katie and I both adore Breezy and he does so many things that are so adorable, you just want to wrap him up and hug him. He is a spoiled dog, no doubt. But he returns the favor 1000 fold every day. When I come home from work he’s a one dog ticker tape parade.

You can tell his sense of smell is very important to Breezy. Not only can he smell bacon a mile away, he sniffs whatever I’m wearing every day. Sometimes it’s kind of annoying when he presses his wet nose against a freshly pressed dress. Or when he wants to sniff my clothes when I take them off…or when he takes those deep inhales against my neck when I hug him when I get home. He has to give each of us a good sniffing every day and I sometimes feel bad when I tell him to knock it off because for some reason it seems really important to him.

If dogs could talk, I’d want to ask them so much. Like how is it that dogs are the only animal that loves humans more than they love themselves? Dogs bring you their most prized possessions without a thought – sure, sometimes those possessions are covered with spit, but they are precious none the less.

I’d ask Breezy what he thinks about when he lays patiently nearby when I take a 2 hour nap.

Mostly though, I’d ask him what the deal is with sniffing everything I put on, sniffing my hair, my neck, my hands…and if he could talk he’d tell me:

“Mommy, the reason I sniff you is because if anything happens to you, momma Katie or me and I have to wait for you at the Rainbow Bridge…I want to memorize your scent so that I know it’s you.

My life is short and time is so precious – I want to get all the loving in that I can.

Happy Birthday Breezy. I hope we have many many more of them together.

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