Hi friends, my name is Leslie McMurray. I am a transgender woman (declared male at birth). Although I have known that I was female from a very young age, I had not done much about it until July of 2012.  From then until now, it has been a period of near constant change. There have been things I expected and there have been things I never saw coming.

I am introspective by nature and have been keeping a daily journal of my transition. I also ponder bigger ideas and have just been storing them on my computer until friends urged me to share them in a blog. This is that blog.

These are my thoughts, my experiences and any errors I make with statistics or dates are mine alone. This isn’t meant to be a scholarly account. It’s a peek inside my heart. I share my vulnerablities and in many cases raw emotion. In several cases, as I finished writing them, I was in tears. Not from depression or sadness but accessing these feelings releases many more.

I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them. Thanks for joining me on my journey, it’s nice to have company.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  2. Hi …

    In keeping updated on the latest developments regarding transgender employment, I came across your blog. I recently published a free 28 page The Transgender Guide To Finding Employment Within The U.S. Government specifically for the serious transgender applicant looking to expand their pool of potential employers.

    You may find it helpful to identifying and pursuing your career objectives! In the meantime,
    The US Government owns the domestic TV channels NASA TV and The Pentagon Channel. It also owns Radio and TV Marti which broadcasts to Cuba from the Florida Keys and recently the US Government leases 2 radio stations in the Miami area to rebroadcast Radio Marti. The US Government also owns and operates a number of radio and TV stations in foreign countries which retransmit the government owned VOA Radio, VOA TV, and Music Mix.

    In addition, the US Government also owns the Arabic language Radio Sawa and 24 hour TV news channel Alhurra.

  3. Jake says:

    Leslie, I jus wanted to wright you and tell you how much I appreciated your article in the Dallas voice today.

    I will first say, I am a married heterosexual man, but my wife and I are liberal democrats and have always supported equal rights for all lgbt people.
    But the reason your story touched me so much, is that my aunt, who was much like a mother to me was a lesbian woman. Her long time partner who just passed away last year was a transgendered woman. They lived and loved each other for 20+ years. When I was a younger man, they taught me about true love, respect and dignity. I am so thankful to God that these two women were part of my life. If they weren’t I’m sure I would have turned out like my father who is a raging homophobe and thinks all trans people are pedophiles. He lives in Houston and as much as I tried I could not convince him to vote to keep HERO. I have hope that the younger generation will change our world but it could never have gotten as far as it did without people like you.
    I will leave you with this. My aunt died of cancer 4 years ago. Her partner, who had her own health problems, never left her side. Not once. We practically had to beg her to eat. That is true love. And it doesn’t matter that her body was born a boy. She was my hero, and that’s what matters to me!
    Thank you for all you do.
    God bless,
    Jake Reichmann

  4. Dear Leslie, I edit _Polare_ the quarerly journal of the NSW (Australia) Gender Centre. I have just found your blog and I like it. I like it so much I’d like to reprint some of your pieces. May I have your permission? I would, of course, give full attribution. If you send me an email address I would be glad to send you a pdf version of a recent copy of the magazine to check out. My email is:1935katie[at]gmail.com. Regards,, Katherine Cummings

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  6. Christina says:

    Thank you for speaking so well on the Facebook hour. You spoke from the heart and made me (parent of transgirl) proud to hear you defend my daughter so well. Loved and almost cried about your story about your dog. So true. Makes me want to get out of my bed and sleep on the floor of my children’s floor.

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